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Ordering information

The digital sundial is available for sale for most locations in the world. We offer versions for both northern and southern hemispheres. It is shipped with both a table mount and window mount for the geographic location specified (to within 2.5 degrees latitude). We currently offer mounts for 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 degrees latitude. Please note that unless you specify otherwise, we will assume that the shipping address is also the geographic location where the sundial will be used. (If you are interested in determining a location's latitude, try a Google search with the word "latitude", e.g., "latitude burlington vt".)

Specific ordering information for the following countries is listed below:

USA and Canada - Europe - Other countries

USA and Canada

The cost per sundial is $ 129.00. Sundials will be shipped from Vermont via USPS Priority Mail. The shipping cost (independent of the number of sundials ordered) is $6.00 within the USA and $10.00 to Canada. Payments can be made by credit card (via PayPal) or by check. Click here to order.


The cost per sundial is € 91.00. Sundials will be shipped from Germany. Within Germany, the shipping cost is € 2.30 per sundial; for other European countries, the shipping cost is € 4.60 per sundial. There are two payment options:

  1. Paypal. You need to provide an email address, and you can order by email, by phone, by FAX, or in writing.
  2. Bank transfer (Überweisung). You can order using email, phone, or fax. You will be billed upon receiving the shipment.
To place your order by phone or FAX, please call +49-2256-1244 (within Germany: 02256/1244). You can also order by sending email to , or by writing to
Digital Sundials International
Euskirchener Str. 37
53894 Mechernich

Other countries

We can handle orders for most locations in the range of 25-60 degrees northern and southern latitude. Please inquire at about shipping and payment options.

In Japan, the digital sundial can be purchased through the company AssistOn.